November 14, 2019

If you have fortunate life, a life of abundance, love, and happiness, good health and perhaps even grandchildren you will live to an average age of 84.7 for men and 87.3 years old for women according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

So when should you start think...

November 8, 2019

I (naively) thought for many years that if I was a good person nothing bad would ever happen to me or the people I care about.

Of course, bad things do happen. We lose jobs, we get sick, we fight, we divorce and we die.

Then I tried disconnecting. I figured if I withdrew...

October 20, 2019

Change is on my mind. It's swirling around me, you, us and we just launched our latest campaign Change doesn't have to suck at Mirus Australia. It's our response to the significant changes in the Australian Aged Care industry and our role in supporting where we can, wi...

October 7, 2019

I'm bringin' sexy back (yeah)

Them other boys don't know how to act (yeah)

I think it's special, what's behind your back (yeah)

So turn around and I'll pick up the slack (yeah)

Justin Timberlake, Sexy Back, 2006

Superannuation in Australia encourages people to accumulate fu...

October 3, 2019

I've been thinking about time this week.

It started with a trip to the Physiotherapist. My homework consists of completing 2 exercises every night for 2 minutes each. A repetitive exercise for 2 minutes seems to last forever!

Two minutes during a busy day will disappear...

September 29, 2019

I popped on my high heels and lipstick and met up with girlfriends for dinner and a drag show.

He appeared on the stage, well over 180 cm tall (or 6 feet), with a bushy beard and big shoulders.

"Hi everybody, I feel like a really large man, squeezed into a really small w...

September 29, 2019

Public Service Announcement:

We run our own businesses, we have responsible careers, we manage kids, partners, dogs, and elderly parents, we stay curious and invest our time and money in education, we dream big and work hard, we help our neighbours, volunteer in our com...

February 19, 2017

Even with our great love she had to leave us.

January 24, 2017

Does being beautiful have extra responsibilities? The power to influence.

December 21, 2016

We rolled in mud, sipped champagne, ate cake, shared stories, we ordered fresh fruit and vegetables, we wore our T-shirts. It was hard.

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