shut up


First self-published book titled 'shut up'


"Lots of awesome insights and advice. Love it." Samantha

"Unique, astute musings that speak from the book ever!!" Lynn

" #love #inspiring #selfawareness #challengeyourself #think." Shannon

"Great book, a must read." Russell


shut up was my first book. A collection of thought bubbles wrapped in the pages of a book with a giraffe on the front cover. I was learning how to be a better listener. Might start on my next book now. It feels about right. 


Amanda Jones (AJ)

Photo credit: Debra Parker

Hobart, Tasmania 2019



I will accept messages in glass bottles that wash up on white sandy beaches at the exact moment I am walking past. Also via friendly magpies who answer to Jack or Cyril. And smoke signals - don't see much of that anymore. (or this form)


Amanda Jones (AJ)  Sydney, Australia  


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