Do you want to go for a walk?

Cradle Mountain Tasmania

"Do you want to go for a walk?" asked my BFF Doreen.

"Sure, why not!" I answered, as the request seemed innocent enough.

"Great, let's walk the Camino," she concluded.

I had a moment of reflection. Like the time I said 'yes' prior to jumping out of a plane. Note to self: must consider the details more thoughtfully before agreeing to every new challenge.

However, once you start thinking about the Camino de Santiago it will occupy your every waking and sleeping thought. You google it, watch the movie 'The Way', buy the books, ask everyone you meet, research endlessly, stalk the hashtag #caminodesantiago and dream about the luxury of not having to think about anything, except lacing up your hiking boots and putting one foot in front of another - day after day.

So we have booked for May 2017.

While we patiently wait, we have booked a few local short weekend walks. The first, hiking in and around the stunning Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair National Park is located in the Central Highlands area of Tasmania, Australia. At 1,545 metres above sea level, it is the fifth highest mountain in Tasmania and popular with local and international tourists owing to its natural and breathtaking beauty.

Born and bred in Tasmania, I was proud to be home. I had long forgotten about the perfect mirrored surfaces, the sweet tasting air, the stunning mountainous landscape, and the unique flora and fauna, which is Cradle Mountain.

The countdown is now on until we can wish others we meet "Buon Camino" (Good Walking) and maybe share a photo or two from our side of the world.

#camino #caminodesantiago #cradlemountain

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