1 Bono (U2) & 1 Nurse

This year we launched Team Connect at my work ACC. Our purpose is to join two or people together for the greater good. The past year we have partnered with World Vision Australia to support Strong Women, Strong World – not a campaign, but an answer.

We attended a gathering of World Vision Australia 'change makers' on Monday night. 'Change makers' being other like-minded individuals. The purpose was to meet Claire Rogers, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Australia and hear from Tim Costello. The long-standing CEO of World Vision Australia, Tim has stood down after 13 years to take up the newly created executive role as chief advocate. Tim said he was “very excited” about the change which will allow him to get back to what he is passionate about.

Tim, the experienced and passionate orator said many things, which resonated with me, but there were two specific points which I am looking forward to exploring in greater detail..

Tim-ism 1. When did you last compare down? In this disruptive, agile, consumer driven market do you constantly find that you are comparing up? Our house is not big enough, our car not new enough, we don’t have enough exotic holidays, make enough money and on and on and on. I would doubt very few would not relate to this mindset or be driven by the ‘success’ of achieving more, owning more, doing more.

So when was the last night you compared down? Compared your own life to a neighbour, a friend or even a stranger. How does your life really compare and do you understand and practice gratitude enough?

Tim-story 2.

“At the risk of name dropping,” said Tim “but I was having dinner with Bono”.

For those who don’t know, that is Bono from the band U2 or Paul David Hewson who known as an Irish singer-songwriter, musician, venture capitalist, businessman, and philanthropist

Tim went on to regale the un-edited story of a Nurse from Adelaide, Australia who was the catalyst for Bono and his wife to commit their resources to charitable aid.

According to ‘Looking back on the vision. The stories behind World Vision Australia’s first 50 years’ Nurse Sue was living “the good life” in Adelaide, Australia when she first saw a documentary on famine, drought and disease that had ravaged Ethiopia. Sue had studied general nursing and midwifery at Adelaide’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and was ready to join the World Vision emergency medical team.

In 1985, Sue shared her many and varied experiences with an Irish couple who had been invited by World Vision to come and see what was happening in Ethiopia. The story goes that Sue, Bono and his wife Ali talked about how they could change the world and struck up a friendship that has lasted.

Bono revealed to Tim that Sue’s heartfelt commitment to social justice inspired him to become a champion against global poverty and the spread of AIDS.

And the rest is history as they say… For more information on Team Connect, please click here.

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