Fundraising is hard.

We rolled in mud and tested our emotional and physical capabilities, we sipped champagne, ate cake and shared stories, we ordered healthy fresh fruit and vegetables from our Aussie Farmers and we wore our Strong Women T-shirts with pride.

Sounds like a whole lot of fun right? The truth is fundraising is hard and we started with zero. We started with zero dollars and about the same amount of experience in fundraising.

But we did it, anyway.

ACC's Team Connect joins two or people together for the greater good. To think, discuss, plan and act of projects that provide positive change in the local or global community. We were inspired by the work of World Vision Australia and their Strong Woman, Strong World.

With our friends Tom at Mirus Australia, Samantha at Acorn Network, Linda at Community Care Review, the ACC crew of Jane, Russell, Karen and I, the support of our entire organisation, the generous support of our professional and personal connections in aged care and beyond, and our hardworking, passionate and energised partner manager, Jane at World Vision Australia, we raised nearly $10,000.

We believe everyone has the right to an equal opportunity to learn, irrelevant of what his or her circumstances are. Our fundraising will support activities in Timor-Leste such as:

  • supporting home visits by health workers in order to educate parents and caregivers on how to keep babies and young children well nourished

  • facilitating the training of health workers in nutrition assessment and counselling

  • educating mothers, caregivers and community leaders in how to identify children with growth problems and refer them for treatment.

You can read more here.

We would love to join two or more people together next year for Team Connect 2017 - so if you have fundraising expertise, want to give your creative brain a work out, can provide an occasional hug and are the type to never give up, please give me a shout out! My email

We managed all of the above with full-time jobs (and fuller time lives). Is it hard work? You betcha. Is it fun, fulfilling and worthwhile being part of a world where we think change is possible? Absolutely.

#TeamConnect #worldvisionaustralia #MirusAustralia #AcornNetwork #CommunityCareReview

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