Career Development. What now? 4 points to consider.

Paul McNamara has recently been appointed to the editorial board of the International Journal of Mental Health Nursing. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing (IJMHN) is a fully refereed journal examining current trends and developments in mental health practice and research.
The Journal provides a lively forum for the exchange of ideas on all issues relevant to mental health nursing, including directions in education and training, management approaches, policy, ethical questions, theoretical inquiry and clinical concerns.

Paul McNamara is a Clinical Nurse Consultant. He holds hospital-based, graduate and post-graduate qualifications. He is Credentialed by the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN), and has been a Fellow of the ACMHN since 2007.

Paul was specifically invited to join the board to help develop and drive a social media strategy for IJMHN.

“I’ve been very active in using social media in a professional sense for the last few years, and have presented at conferences and published about health professionals using social media.”, says Paul. “I guess that’s what caught the attention of the IJMHN Editor in Chief.”

Paul has been active on social media for many years. Since September 2012 he has been building a professional social media portfolio "branded" meta4RN; for more information please visit

His story captured my attention. (Read Here) As a marketing professional I love this perfect juxtaposition of clinical care and 'social media care' as a two-way communication channel and awareness strategy. A new year is the perfect time to assess my only professional development. Am I on track? What does my personal brand look and feel like? What is the next stage of my career development going to take in terms of time, money and resource? Do I continue on a linear path or look sideways for opportunities that haven't even been thought of yet? How do I continue to use my skills and experience to advocate for things I care about? Where are my skill gaps?

An article by Dorie Clark, Think Strategically about your Career Development, Harvard Business Review provides 4 great steps to consider at any stage of your career:

  1. Force yourself to set aside time.

  2. Get clear on your next steps.

  3. Invest in deep work.

  4. Build your external reputation.

To read the article in entirety, please click here. And download a copy of her Stand Out Self Assessment Workbook while you are there. Refer point 1.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the professional inspiration Paul.

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