Meet Darcy & Jack: Outstanding Customer Service

Darcy and Jack Beautiful Soy Candles

Darcy and Jack are 2 kids who live in Brisbane, Australia. Jack is 15 and Darcy is 13 and they make soy candles.

Their brochure explains how they have grown up around handmade goodness so 'it wasn't surprising' when they decided to make hand poured candles as their first business.

Shopping with them online via Etsy has been pure joy for me.

It hit the 'tear up' mother load today when I received my order. Included, a beautiful handwritten card which simply says:

Dear Amanda, thank you so much for purchasing some of our candles. You won't regret it! Love Darcy xxoo

Their approach to ensuring a delightful customer experience is exceptional. Like any successful business owners it's the multitude of other competing priorities they also manage which floors me.

Through the selling of candles Jack contributed to a school adventure in India AND is contributing to a school building project! Darcy is actively involved in all manufacturing and sales of their candles. Darcy has a very rare neuromuscular disorder of the RYR-1 gene called King Denborough Syndrome. She manages many health issues daily and she has severe scoliosis with Titanium rods the length of her spine. Darcy has to undergo regular spinal surgeries as she grows - 4 surgeries in 2 years so far.

Darcy and Jack - 2 Brisbane kids learning about business service & quality.

No I won't regret shopping with Darcy and Jack. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and abundance of customer service lessons.

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