The (extra) responsibility of beauty.


Crawling my newsfeed (in bed, bad idea) I came across a post, which I found really unsettling. To be more accurate, it wasn't just the post it was the comments - or engagement as we say in marketing.

The page is published by a vibrant, sexy, strong and beautiful young woman. I have watched her building her business and personal brand from the online sidelines for some years now.

I don't always agree with her approach (content and conversation style), but 'hey' she is not targeting my demographic.

The post was a deliberately unflattering picture of a woman. The comments (engagement) therefore were insensitive and cruel.

I decided to take action.

Purposely sending a private message - not to antagonise or be confrontational but to simply ask her to consider the following:

"You are a strong, beautiful and successful woman. This comes with responsibility. Don't use your influence to unfairly mock or to be cruel to other women (or men)."

I included the words of another successful woman - 'when they go low you go high.'

I sent the message with love and kindness. My intent was to highlight her responsibilities as someone of influence and hope she would reflect and reconsider future content of this style.

She apologised to me - I believe missing the point.

Like any position of power or influence - does beauty come with (extra) responsibilities? Or am I a cranky middle-aged woman?

Thanks for reading. I am genuinely interested in your opinion.

I tweet @AinAust

#beauty #bullying

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