Strong + confident women

Public Service Announcement:

We run our own businesses, we have responsible careers, we manage kids, partners, dogs, and elderly parents, we stay curious and invest our time and money in education, we dream big and work hard, we help our neighbours, volunteer in our communities, we contribute to the economy, to social good and changing the world for the better.

We inspire and get inspired. We are open-minded and speak with certainty. We stick our necks out, we have opinions and are not afraid of speaking our truths, share our vulnerabilities, as authenticity is important to us. We rarely have the time for anything but straight talk.

We are independent and self-sufficient, we strive to love unconditionally, we take action even when facing fear. We empower and we are empowered.

Do we do all of this alone?

Of course not.

We flock toward people who love and care for us. And people we can love and care for back. People with similar values or who admire our strength, our resilience, our courage. Men and women who stand beside us - not in front, not behind but beside us. Men and women who understand we can't do this alone.

We keep our flock of family, friends, partners, professional and personal networks close to our hearts and minds. Strong and confident is a mindset for when we need it the most, it's not how we live every hour of every day.

Do we do all of this alone?

Of course not.

We also get tired, unproductive, not so confident, grumpy, hangry and teary on occasion.


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