Time: health, life, money.

I've been thinking about time this week.

It started with a trip to the Physiotherapist. My homework consists of completing 2 exercises every night for 2 minutes each. A repetitive exercise for 2 minutes seems to last forever!

Two minutes during a busy day will disappear so quickly. And why do some weeks seem longer than others?

What time have I scheduled for my health lately?

I have tended to live my life like I am 'running out of time'. However, this can be exhausting for me and also for those around me. I am learning (work in progress) how to balance time and take the time. Time for rest. Time for moments.

I am finally taking the time to learn about my financial health as well. I can't buy back time but I can use the time going forward to improve my understanding, education, options, and choices with regards to money management. I can buy expert time, which will save me time (and money) to make informed decisions about the time now, and the time later.

  • How to stop time: Kiss

  • How to travel in time: Read

  • How to escape time: Music

  • How to feel time: Write

  • How to release time: Breathe


How are you spending your time?

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