You are only old once

If you have fortunate life, a life of abundance, love, and happiness, good health and perhaps even grandchildren you will live to an average age of 84.7 for men and 87.3 years old for women according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

So when should you start thinking about ‘old age’? When you are middle-aged or younger?

Samantha Bowen, aged 33 years old said in an opinion piece for The West Australian, titled Future of aged in hands of young, 14 November 2019 “that when you are young you are not encouraged to think about old age.”

Why is that?

This is not just a health question, but also a social, community, lifestyle, workforce, government, care and a financial question for getting old. So many moving parts. A snippet of just two . . .

(1) Jessica Ellerm in her post titled, Why Our Super System Is Failing Young People Like Me says that “large numbers of millennials and the generations beyond are staring down the barrel of a retirement burdened by debt and homeownership uncertainty, not to mention the ever-lurking shadow of increasing job insecurity that is present for many right now.”

(2) In the Matter of Care, report of the Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce 2018 it says; it became clear that the true transformation of the workforce cannot be driven by the industry alone. Instead, the conversation between the industry, government and the community needs to be considered on three levels:

  1. to shift societal attitudes to ageing.

  2. reframe the idea of care, including the notion that the care industry is solely the domain of government.

  3. relieve the perceived burden of care

“A matter of care is for all Australians because the way we care for our ageing is a reflection of who we are as a nation. How we care says who we are.”

Professor John Pollaers OAM Chair Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce 29 June 2018

Download the full report here.

You are only young once. You are only old once. Why don’t we care about getting older when we are younger?

I am getting older here Mirus Australia and simultaneously younger here Globalaai

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